Sales Apprenticeships – Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask – Webinar January 31st

Did you know that only 8% of the £1.8 billion paid into the apprenticeship levy has been used for professional development?

If you are one of the organisations which contributed 92% of untouched funds or, are interested in understanding how to maximise your Levy contribution or want to enrol your sales team on the exciting new  Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship programme – then please join us on this 15 minute webinar during which Dan Hodgetts, Apprenticeship Consultant for Mercuri International will:

The countdown is on…Use it or lose it

We are fast approaching the 24-month time-frame by which Apprenticeship Levy paying organisations will be required to start paying back their contributions.  ‘While attitudes are clearly improving, a significant number (40%) of business leaders still regard the apprenticeship levy as little more than a tax.  And as levy-paying organisations have only withdrawn eight per cent of the £1.8 billion paid into the apprenticeship levy so far, there are clearly still a number of barriers to overcome’[1].

It is not all doom and gloom however and with new Apprenticeship programmes being released every month there currently is, more than ever, increased opportunity between now and April 2019 to maximise use of your hard-earned Levy fund.

Webinar agenda and technical details

  • 11:00: Welcome and The Sales Apprenticeship Level 4
  • 11:15: Questions and Answers
  • 11:30: Close

We will be using GoToWebinar.
You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.

Experience tells us that organisations which commit to professional sales development:

  • Significantly enhance the probability of year on year result improvement.
  • See improvement in forecast accuracy and pipeline conversion.
  • Increase individual sales productivity by on average, two more customer meetings each week.
  • Increase average order value by up to 34% over the following six month period.
  • Reduce sales force attrition significantly.