Customer Attitude Survey: MI-CARE™


Making Your Customers’ Needs Happen

  • Improve the service you provide your customers
  • Better customer relations and retention
  • Focus resources to areas that will make the biggest impact
  • Develop your staff in areas that will have a directly impact to customer
  • Benchmark your organisation
  • Align your employees with customer expectations

Customer Excellence

What is MI-CARE™Do you really know what is important to your customers?   MI-CARE is a research tool designed to be tailored to ask your customers the vital questions that will give you the knowledge to become a better more efficient customer focussed and profitable organisation. As a result you will be able to concentrate your focus on areas that will make a visible improvement to the service and products you provide your customers, improvements that the customer has said is important to them.  The end result is customer loyalty, better understanding of your key accounts and becoming a more customer focussed organisation.  

MI-CARE is primarily an on-line tool but is flexible and can be blended with any type of communication that suits your business.  The most popular four main areas targeted are product, sales relationship, customer service and competitor comparison but this is completely flexible to suite your business needs. MI-CARE enables you to compare and differentiate results from countries, sales teams, product, end users and distributors. Being able to do this will give you the power to drill down into your business and pin point specific areas in your business where even incremental changes will make major impacts. 

 Why choose MI-CARE™

MI-CARE™ will  be tailored to your business needs to ensure the results will make the maximum impact. The results are analysed by our dedicated analytical team and benchmarked against like for like organisation in your sector.  Our team has vast experience in evaluating and most importantly recommending a course of action and solutions. Discovering areas that need improvement is an important issue, knowing the real root of the problem isn’t always staring you in the face.


You will be investing your resources into the critical areas that will differentiate you from your competitors, safe in the knowledge that it will make a difference.

Competitive Advantage

MI-CARE™ will provide you with a comprehensive report, which show you what areas, process and knowledge is need to be improved upon to give you a competitive advantage. Not only will MI-CARE™ show you areas of importance that need to be improved on, it will also give you a clear indication of ‘wasted resources,’ areas that are not important at all to the customer but where you are very good at.

Our response rates from customers range from 15% to 35% which is way beyond the market average for these types of customer surveys. This is achieved by engaging the recipient prior and during the survey process. We not only survey your customers we also ask your team to complete the survey on how they see the customer’s perception of the organisation is. This gives you an insight to how your peoples views differ to that of the customers.

In some cases changes may be incremental but the results will effect your customer retention massively and in most cases very little cost to yourself.

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