Excellence in Customer Experience

EXcellence in customer experience

Customers no longer base their purchase decision on the product or service alone, but also on all kinds of perceptions and interactions they have with a brand. The experience with the product itself is still important and a critical touch point, but there are several other touch points along the buying journey…

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The unique customer experience

This programme improves the ability to provide a unique customer experience – a key factor for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Following this path, the participants discover all the elements needed to achieve this, from effective communication to complaint handling.

The path to Customer Experience Excellence

Discovering excellence in customer experience – Understand what an Excellent Customer Experience is and why it is so important.

Understanding communication – Explore the communication patterns that affect the way messages are sent and interpreted, as a key for effective communication.

The power of storytelling – Apply the key techniques that make conversations with customers powerful, using storytelling.

Active listening – Discover how to give the customer full and undivided attention through the ability of active listening.

Effective questioning – Find out what kind of questions to ask your customer and when, in order to better understand their needs and build a stronger connection with them.

Excellent customer experience in person and remotely – Master your ability to deal with customers in person, remotely, via telephone and email and provide an unforgettable experience.

Handling customer objections – Handle the customer’s objections with the 7-step technique.

Dealing with challenging situations – Manage your customer’s complaints and deliver bad news using the right approach.



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