Understanding Covid-19’s impact on sales

Since March 2020, nothing has been the same, including the way we sell.

Mercuri is working with Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. Together with Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz and Prof. Dr. Jan Wieseke, one of the top four Sales Researchers worldwide, we are analysing industry-wide experiences in sales from the COVID-pandemic shutdown and the period thereafter. 

Our aim is to identify the most important lessons learned by companies for the future sales setup and approaches, and to support sales in its realignment. If you are a senior sales professional and have worked in your organization during the pandemic we would welcome your insights and experiences to better understand hybrid sales approaches.

Hybrid selling

Before the Covid19 pandemic, online visits were infrequent; now they have become the norm for sales professionals and customers. This study takes a look at the experiences of Business to Business companies in order to identify and evaluate the changes in detail, comparing 2019 and 2020. Are you currently using a combination of on-site and online visits?

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This questionnaire is aimed at business and sales management executives who are involved in the sales process of medium-sized and large companies. Answering the sales survey will take approximately fifteen minutes.

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