Team work makes the dream work

To start off 2020 Mercuri UK has welcomed three new starters into the team and we have kicked off their week with the glass game!

Lorraine, Rob and Manjit got stuck in with the rest of the Henley team to work together in picking a glass filled with water up from the floor. Each team member holds a piece of rope which is connected to the glass. However there is one hurdle in the way… everyone is blindfolded! Our Safeguarding Lead Ria Mason guided the rest of the team to success!

This is a great and unique way to welcome new team members. Everyone works together in order to achieve success and complete the challenge.

Why play team building games?

The ‘blind folded members’ play the role of the ‘workers’ who can’t see the big picture and need to be briefed, motivated and encouraged to perform.

  • Demonstrate the value of teamwork and the need for leadership
  • The importance of good communication
  • Highlight the value of coaching
  • Focus on the significance of:
    – Planning
    – Communication
    – Delegation
    – Motivation
    – Leadership

Welcome team

Rob is joining the team as a Learning and Development Coach, Lorraine’s new role is a Curriculum Manager and Manjit will be supporting the business development team, talking to clients and prospects.