Selecting opportunities

Discovering how to pick a winner!  Learners from the HPE Sales Academy left their Sales Planning virtual session with an enhanced perspective on evaluating and selecting opportunities. Sales professionals often have several opportunities to consider. However, not all the opportunities are worth pursuing and it’s crucial to learn how to make an objective evaluation of their attractiveness. Great to see such an engaged and inquisitive group focused on such a pivotal sales topic.

Sales Planning

The Sales Planning module on the Level 4 Sales Executive programme is such a crucial module on the apprenticeship journey. Sales apprentices explore:

– Fine tuning the Value message.

– Prioritizing prospects.

– Quantifying activity plans.

– Setting short and medium term performance objectives beyond simple top line revenue.

“I have always held the strong belief that excellence in the mastery of Quantity, Direction and Quality of sales activity is a massive positive counterweight to other sales knowledge and skills gaps. Be outstanding here and success is guaranteed – the numbers do not lie!”

Barry Hilton, Managing Director, Mercuri Apprenticeships
Funded Sales Development

Sales Apprenticeship

The flexibility of the level 4 sales programme also means that we can prioritize modules that will help to show demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks

Evaluating sales opportunities

What is your criteria for evaluating the attractiveness of sales opportunities? Does the size of the organization matter? To find out more about analyzing opportunities and maximizing successful sales check out the Mercuri Digital Learning Path: Opportunity to Order.


– How to select opportunities from a fact and metric-based perspective.

– Different selling situations to clarify where your specific opportunity fits in.

– Map out and prioritise decision-makers and assign them a value in the process.