Sharks, blast furnances & sales professionals!

Some things need to keep operating or they are in trouble. Blast furnaces and sharks are two examples – the first must keep burning, the second must keep swimming. Salespeople also are part of this group. If they don’t stay sharp performing the mentally challenging activities of finding and winning business, there is a big problem.

Dealing with rejection. Expending emotional and intellectual energy on conquering ‘No’. Feeling the huge adrenalin surge of hearing ‘Yes!’ are essential to staying on top of the role.

“No one can realistically be expected to hit the road at full power and speed from a cold start.  How are you keeping the fire burning in the sales furnace?”

Sales considerations

  • What is your fitness programme for the sales team?
  • How long will you give them as a run up to full power?
  • Find out what you can do to keep your sales professionals moving