Key Account Management

Beyond “selling big,” key account management requires both organisational and operational commitment to do it properly. Your key relationships can deliver outstanding results, but only with a robust and structured relationship management process.

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Achieving excellence in key account management has become more complex and more significant in ensuring growth excellence. This is why Mercuri International and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland have joined forces to develop a complete Key Account Management methodology including:

  • Implementing a system for your company’s key account management
  • Corporate alignment with key account thinking
  • Developing winning strategies and tactics
  • Developing key account “SMART”-objectives
  • Key account planning and continuous measurement
  • Understanding the key account’s “decision-making team
  • The need for resourcing information and turning it into meaningful and accessable company intelligence
  • Key account solutions
  • Effective key account teams

Our robust, comprehensive and highly commercial model addresses business-to-business key account management in national, international and global contexts, for small, medium sized and large organisations.

“This series of video shorts looks at the essential 5 dimensions of strategic account management. If a business applies these 5 dimensions of KAM effectively it will manage risk and stimulate growth in in its most important relationships.”

The dimensions of key account management – What makes strategic account management work?

Strategic account management: objectives – “If you don’t know where you’re going, then any bus will do!”

Strategic account management: strategies – If you’re going to manage strategic accounts, you need to have a strategy in place!

Strategic account management: three levels of understanding – SAM requires us to understand our accounts better and better. Here we highlight three levels of customer knowledge and provide tips on how to do it.

Strategic account management: solutions part 1 – Three things to know before you start to put ideas forward – compelling events, the competitive situation, how our solution is differentiated.

Strategic account management: solutions part 2 – The how of bringing our solutions to our strategic accounts. Hot spots and white space analysis, strategic fit and coherence, effective communication.

Strategic account management: solutions: people – It’s hard to manage the people side of strategic account teams: Virtual teams, collaborative, coherent, compelling. It’s all about leading through influence without authority.

Strategic account management: Managing part 1 – What does it mean to manage a key account? It’s more than big selling. You need the disciplines of a general manager managing a “horizontal business unit.” 

Strategic account management: Managing part 2 – This video short is about the account plan – why it matters and making it work.

Strategic account management: Measurement – It’s really important to know how successful your account management is but measuring the top line alone is not 

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