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Our Women In Sales webinars are like iPlayer!  If you missed listening to Chaninah Dzialoszynski from BSI, Hannah Saddington from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Julie Nicholson from CCS Media and Lynn Siggins from Rockwell Automation talk passionately about working in sales and their thoughts on how to attract more women into sales roles you can catch up here.

The four sales professionals, including two sales apprentices, also explore issues that can impede sales career development and stifle ambition. What is really inspiring is just how passionate the panel are about their career in sales. Thank you for sharing your experiences, insights and passions. 

“An overwhelming 66% of women believe their sales organizations struggle to retain high-performing female sales professionals.”

Closing the gender gap in sales. Gartner report

Opportunities for sales advancement?

  • A significant majority (66%) of women believe their organizations struggle to retain high-performing female sales professionals.
  • This concern is shared by 56% of men in sales who were asked.
  • 39% of women believe they don’t have the same opportunities for advancement as male counterparts with the same skills and qualifications. The perceived lack of opportunity for women makes it especially difficult to retain high performers. 

To effectively improve gender diversity in sales organizations, key questions must be asked…

“Another insightful and focused session on the topic of women in sales. The panel offered wise, practical advice and perspectives on important issues relating to levelling the playing field.”

Barry Hilton, Managing Director, Mercuri International UK Ltd

Inclusion and diversity

During the webinar Chi from BSI talks about the BSI 76005 – Valuing people through diversity and inclusion.

Also check out this CMI briefing “Why men win at work?” with Gill Whitty-Collins, Consultant, Board Member, Executive Coach, and Author of ‘Why Men Win at Work’. In the briefing CMI explores with Gill, the contents of her latest publication and gender equality in the workplace. https://mgrs.uk/BMB and https://mgrs.uk/3ni.

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