A Journey into Sales

Our panellists joined by Barry Hilton gave us an insightful session around their journey into Sales. The panel comprised Nathan Osbourne, Regional Account Manager at Royal Mail Group Ltd. Amy Furey, Internal Sales Advisor at Pearson. Jess Summersgill, Development Manager at CCS Media and Connor Barnes, Business Development Manager at Sysco Speciality Group.

“Really enjoyed the panel and listening to their views and hearing how we can get sales recognized as a ‘real’ career. and option for younger people.”

The webinar panel discussed whether their commitment to a sales career was planned or accidental and if it was accidental what career path did they aspire to do. Often overlooked as a first choice career path some perceive that a pre-requisite for sales success is having the gift of the gab. Sales is often the accidental career choice. 

“The format of the Panel sharing their experiences was a great idea and provided more insight from different speakers.”

How did I get here? A Journey into Sales

How did I get here? A journey into Sales

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Women in Sales Webinar

Women In Sales Webinar

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