How to maintain sales dialogue in challenging environments

With the Covid 19 pandemic continuing the disruption to life around the world the focus is directly on the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare professionals to roll out the vaccines that will enable us to return to the life we prefer to lead. Whilst this is good news for us as members of the human race it raises a number of practical challenges for those who need to keep working within the health sector environment.

For many organizations that do business in healthcare there is a need to maintain commercial activity in an environment where priorities are very different and attention is harder to get. The products and services that you provide to help clinicians do better things for their patients are still required.

The biggest challenge is how to use the direct influence of your sales teams to ensure it is your products and services rather than your competitors offer that will be in the mind of the prescribers and decision makers.

Access to stakeholders

Access to decision makers and influencers has changed. In most cases this means no face to face contact: it also means less time to make an impact. Whether your focus is HCPs (Healthcare providers) or direct with patients there is a need to be more:

  • Effective in the way you interact
  • Efficient in the way you operate
  • Impactful in the way you sell.

The underlying theme is to add more value to the people you interact with and to do that you need to be more relevant to them than ever before.

Be more effective, efficient and impactful

You can be more relevant by improving your awareness of your HCP and/or patient’s environment, creating a more compelling reason for them to give up their valuable time and by following the principles of Value Based Selling. All of this needs to be wrapped up in more effective way of selling remotely. Create a confident and capable team primed for the virtual business environment.

Creating more effective virtual interactions

Value Based Selling

Value Based Selling involves demonstrating a detailed understanding of a customer’s specific environment – and the impact that your product or service can have upon them.

Mercuri International’s Jenny Rahm explains how Value Based Selling can help your teams stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly demanding marketplace – here’s why you need it – now.

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