Social Selling

Mercuri International’s Social Selling Programme can increase your understanding of how to improve your company’s social selling process.

Social Selling in the Sales Process

Social selling is not a fad. Sales people who use social selling have 51% more meetings and with a greater chances of success. The Mercuri Social Selling Programme can help your company integrate social selling into the sales process in your company to maximize benefits without wasting precious resource.

  • 90% of prospects say they won’t take a cold call.
  • 75% of buyers say they use social media in their decision making.

This has significant implications for the sales strategies of companies. And not all companies are adapting to this trend successfully. According to another finding, 68% of sales professionals believe that the selling process is changing faster than their organizations are adapting to it.

This programme considers precisely where social selling makes sense for a whole landscape of sales activities from new customer acquisition to account management. It also shows the right ways to look at various social selling platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and others such as Xing, Conrad Pro etc. The programme aims to deepen your understanding of what it takes to succeed at social selling on a company level and what this means for the individual sales person in terms of improving their social selling ability.

Mercuri’s Social Selling Programme

Pre-Workshop Activities

  • Review of the social media channels used by your organization.
  • Survey of attitudes to social selling.
  • Health Check.

Approach During the Workshop

  • Interactive, using workshop style to look at the current sales process and build the skills needed to be successful in social selling.
  • Practical, using case studies and real life examples.


  • Where social selling makes sense.
  • What is social selling – the elements, the players.
  • What you need to be good at, both on a company and an individual level.

Post Session Activities

  • Action plan of what the sales manager will do to support their sales team in their use of social selling.
  • Coaching to support social selling and sales management.
  • Post workshop survey to review attitudes to social selling.
  • Review of the Health Check.


  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Enhanced content utilization.
  • Better understanding of your customer.
  • Specific action plan for improved social selling.

Consider this:

The office environment is dominated by a tense silence. All of the sales representatives are sitting at their desks, gazing mesmerised at their monitors and typing with great concentration on their keyboards. The sales manager smiles as she walks past the rows of employees, checks the CRM system and notes that none of her colleagues have a meeting today and will not be out of the office. She sits back in her chair, pleased with herself that the new strategy is working.

Sounds strange? At first glance, yes. And it seems even more strange when you see what the sales representatives are actually doing at their desks:

  • They are updating their social network profiles.
  • Writing blog entries.
  • Commenting on posts.
  • Preparing their own posts and tweets.

Change in the decision-making process

But this behaviour makes sense if we consider that customer information and decision-making behaviour has changed radically over the last few years.

“Customers now complete around 60% of the decision-making process before they even speak with a sales person from a potential supplier.”

Google call this phase prior to the first contact the `zero moment of truth’ (ZMOT)*……..9 out of 10 decision-makers start out their decision-making process on the internet.

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