Mercuri Sales Excellence Survey 2016

Uncovering the secrets of sales success – Will you join the debate?

The Mercuri Sales Excellence Survey is one of the world’s most extensive reports on the business of sales and sales leadership.  Sales leaders from over 40 countries will be invited to provide their opinion on the business of sales leadership. 

The survey, addressing Managing Directors, Heads of Sales and Sales Managers from thousands of companies worldwide, is aimed at identifying the main drivers for sales success by comparing the management models of different organisations.

See what’s changed in Sales since 2013

The survey was conducted on an international level (23 Countries) in 2013 looking at the sales management of thousands of organisations in relation to their achieved results.

By comparing this year’s survey results with those of 2013, we will be able to create an updated picture of current sales management models and identify the new ‘secrets’ to success.  Three years later, what are the new levers to focus on in order to reach sales excellence? Have the recent economic, social and technological situations influenced way we manage sales?

Help us to discover this by taking part in the new Sales Excellence Survey.

The online survey requires no more than 15 minutes. It is anonymous and the answers will be analysed and presented only collectively.


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