Celebrating 30 years of excellent sales performance

Barry Hilton, MD congratulates Moyra Smith on thirty years with Mercuri

In an age when most people expect to work for upward of twelve or more employers during their careers, it is wonderful to hear of someone who has spent thirty years with the same organisation. Better still if that organisation is the one you also work for.  On January 16, 2019 Moyra Smith will enter her thirty first year with Mercuri International.

Moyra has been consistently successful. Maturity in a role does not mean stagnation. Age does not diminish creativity. Experience does not lead to complacency. Moyra’s enormous breadth and depth of project knowledge is the very thing which has driven her success. She has won more industry recognition for innovation and leading edge solutions than the rest of our team combined.

Barry Hilton, Managing Director, Mercuri International UK Ltd

In an age when watching a TED talk or reading a blog makes individuals delude themselves into believing they are subject matter experts, doff your metaphorical cap to someone who really does have ALL of the badges:

  • Moyra Smith…Sales Expert
  • Learning innovator
  • Business success story…take a well-deserved bow! 

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with you for twenty one years. I and the rest of your colleagues look forward to not more of the same, but more of the difference!