AI & Sales Team Development

As a leader in sales or Organizational Development the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it can be used to support learning and development can not be ignored. Have you considerered:

  • Why AI and trends in learning and development?
  • Conversational learning
  • Addressing the 70 – 20 – 10 model with AI

Using Artificial Intelligence

You probably use AI daily, even if this happens without your knowledge. Every time you:

  • Use a fingerprint or iris scan to unlock your cellphone you use AI.
  • Look at Facebook or Instagram, the advertising that you see is adapted using AI.
  • Utilize Google Translate, the text is translated with the help of AI.
  • Look at books online, the recommendations are based on AI, and when you press the order button your credit card is checked with AI to avoid potential fraud. 

In sales and marketing, we are already seeing many concrete tools based on AI and machine learning. Chat bots, virtual assistants and many other sales tools utilize AI to create powerful solutions. One ingenious solution comes from Cogito, which can analyze a sales conversation in real time and provide feedback to the sales professional. Is the sales professional talking too fast? Does the sales professional interrupt the customer? And how are the levels of energy and empathy in the conversation? Things like this are rated so that the sales professional can make immediate adjustments. Using AI enables us to adjust learning based on a learner’s particular needs to a next level of differentiation.

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Mercuri International Strengthens Sales Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Capabilities with Strategic Partnership with Emplay Inc

How AI helps customer engagement

AI gives sales professionals the tools and insight they need to work smarter and forge better connections with customers, boosting their ability to reach their goals. An intelligent sales organization can be proactive instead of reactive in order to navigate constantly changing market conditions.

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Rethinking Sales

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