Whitepaper – Evaluating Learning Impact

What makes the best people so successful?

When planning a Learning & Development programme, managers want to know how they can be certain that the sales-force actually need the training they are planning. They also want to know the process to go through to create that certainty.  Ultimately, managers would love to know what makes the best people so successful and how to spread this excellence throughout the whole team.

To fully understand how each of these areas are impacting a business, a benchmark of current performance and, how this compares against world class performance is required.  A process is required to measure the effectiveness of key ares of the business, such as:

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Customer facing teams

Having carried out this benchmark, the gap between best practice and current performance needs to be identified and measured. 

Are your talent development initiatives meeting key, identified objectives?

With this information, it is possible to measure the value of key improvements to the business, which in turn enables an accurate view of any return on investment.  A focused plan for improvement, with this information to hand, ensures the training budget is optimised and will ensure all activities are aimed at meeting key, identified objectives.

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