Value Based Selling

Sell value – not products

The way we sell has changed – to stay competitive your sales teams need cutting edge training that meets the challenges of today – and tomorrow. Customers now expect more than just a great product – they expect solutions to their business challenges. View the video and learn about how selling value can help your sales teams stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

Value Based Selling is a way of selling that shifts focus from the product to the customer.

Get your customers to perceive the true value of your offer by getting your message across clearly and convincingly – selling value is key! In today’s challenging selling situations, a traditional sales approach is not enough. Customers want to deal with salespeople who understand their business objectives and can help them reach those goals, instead of trying to sell them products or services.​ That’s why we offer Value Based Selling training, it will give you all the solutions you need. ​​

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Value Based Selling in the real world

ABB applied Value Based Selling to deal with the challenges of operating in over 100 countries. For a training program to be successful it has to be engaging - it has to inspire trainees with practical skills that keep them coming back, eager to learn. By providing content that was exactly aligned with the recipients’ real-world roles, Mercuri helped ABB to generate a genuine sense of progress and accomplishment - sales teams could actively see and feel the benefit of the new skills they were acquiring by focusing on the value they brought to their customers.


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