Remote video learning stimulates confidence and skills

Emerson apprentice Nicola Cheung champions remote learning and explains how it has helped her in other commercial situations.

“Before starting with Emerson and being on the Mercuri Sales Apprenticeship Level 4 training, I wasn’t comfortable with the use of video incorporated into Virtual Instructor Led learning and video conferencing. I found it awkward and it showed in my facial expressions on camera.

“However, without realizing, as we continued to use video as part of our apprenticeship learning, I gradually became more and more comfortable with it. I only fully comprehended that I was comfortable in front of a video call after my video interview for a new role with Emerson.”

“I completely surprised myself when I asked if it would be more beneficial if the webcam was on and I found that in fact, it benefited me during the interview as I could gauge the interview’s responses and then expand on that bit of conversation if their reactions were positive.”

Adapting your approach

Tom Hunter, Nicola’s Learning Development Coach (LDC) from Mercuri explains:

Mercuri LDC Tom Hunter

“Nicola had an interview for a new position within Emerson that was initially due to be held over the phone. However Nicola persuaded the interviewing panel to use webcams so that she could gauge reactions to the answers she was giving and also the reaction to her presentation as it was delivered. Having undertaken numerous Virtual Learning Led Sessions with us Nicola knew that the video would enable her to adapt her approach based on the reactions from the interview panel.”