Relationship Based Negotiating

Relationship Based Negotiating will enable you to negotiate with more confidence. You will improve the return obtained whilst focusing on achieving an outcome that maintains and nurtures the customer relationship.

We focus on negotiating in a logical sequence:

  • Unguided negotiation establishes baseline competence and confidence and reinforces the benefits of improving.
  • The relationship-based negotiating model provides a process and structure to negotiating.
  • Understanding the relationship goals of both sides to ensure the negotiation is compatible with the relationship.
  • Assessing the situation and context within which the negotiation takes place to optimise the outcome.
  • Planning your offer to make it realistic but rewarding.
  • Manoeuvring and bargaining which moves the negotiation forward towards a mutually acceptable outcome.
  • Two practice sessions using business-specific scenarios.
  • Moving forward – implementing the negotiated outcome.

Developing your Professional Negotiating skills

The 18% who said they were not confident negotiating on behalf of their organization dropped to only 3% three months after the Professional Negotiating workshop. 

Long term results improvement is only possible if learning is reinforced and refreshed on an ongoing basis. During our Professional Negotiating workshop best ways of working are agreed and documented for day to day use: 

  • Negotiation planning tool.
  • Question bank.
  • Offer component analysis.

At the end of our Professional Negotiating workshops individuals commit to personal changes on their action plans. Following workshops managers can be developed to coach the new skills in the field. Further multi media components can be delivered to reinforce learning.

What to do next?

Find out more about our next Professional Negotiation Skills course or contact us on +44 (0) 9000 800 to discuss an In-house negotiating workshop.

Relationship Based Negotiating

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