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No matter what your business, it’s only ever as good as your people. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to keep them motivated and engaged - and great training and development programmes holds the secret. It’s easy to forget that at the heart of every transaction - even with b2b sales - is a person. So, if you want to grow your profits - grow your people.

...Where the value of training and development is more surprising is in the fringe benefits. An employee who received good, relevant training will not just be better equipped to do their job - they’ll feel better about doing it. An engaged,happy employee has been shown to be significantly more productive than their neglected counterpart.



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What’s the future of work? From remote working, to technological disruptors, to new sales techniques, we take a deep dive into where we are now - and where we’re heading...

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putting a number on happiness

Making your workforce feel valued can give unexpected rewards - we look at the link between wellbeing and productivity and explore the hidden business value that makes training about so much more than simple skill development.

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Struggling to keep your workforce engaged - particularly when working at a distance? View our top tips for a motivated workforce.

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