Competence Evaluator

Mercuri’s Competence Evaluator is the online competence assessment and benchmarking tool.  It is the starting point for sales and business improvement.

What is competence?

Competence is the sum total of skills, knowledge and attitude:

  • Skills: Those abilities which allow you to be effective in carrying out the required actions, for example the skill of questioning or listening.
  • Knowledge: The understanding needed to be effective, for example knowledge about the business environment.
  • Attitude: The underlying values and attitudes that make it possible to do a job in the right way, for example the resillience that helps you keep going when things are hard.

Competence Evaluator enables you to measure the effectiveness of your team’s skills, knowledge and attitude and ensures these competences are aligned with your business strategy.  The reports generated from the evaluation process give compelling insight into gaps in competitive strengths and priorities for development.

This will enable you to:

  • Focus your development in the areas that will make the biggest impact
  • Create a perfect profile for your team.

Business benefits of using Mercuri’s Competence Evaluator to measure your team’s competence

  • Benchmark current performance
  • Measure the effectiveness of your managers and their teams
  • Identify the gap between best practice and your current performance
  • Increase the return on investment
  • Make your training budget go further
  • Generate a focused plan for improvement
  • Discover potential financial improvements.

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Competence Evaluator