Applying the magic touch to training

Mercuri’s Strategic Business Manager Moyra Smith at the Virgin Holiday “Peak Launch” Conference at CenterParcs Woburn:

“Thanks to our magicians and actors for raising expectations that the unexpected is possible and adding some star quality to our training.”

Identifying how individual delegates learn

This extract is taken from our Star Quality article in the training journal 

One example from us is a course that opens with a short session that focuses on identifying how individual delegates learn best and how the session could be adapted to meet those needs.

This is followed by a 15-minute break, during which time a magician mingles with the group and performs close-up magic. This immediately changes the tone of the upcoming course, raising expectations that the unexpected is possible and stimulating the audience.

When the group comes back together the magician performs a trick to everyone and then shows the delegates how to do it. The delegates can soon see very clearly that learning how to do a trick (or a business process) is one thing, being able to perform it is quite another.

Processes are often clear and easy to learn, the delivery can be much harder. It takes thought, awareness, good communication and practice to engage an audience and bring a trick to life. Delegates soon learn that this is often the case for business processes, particularly in a sales environment.

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Applying the magic touch to training
Applying the magic touch to training

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