Our use of subcontractors in Apprenticeships

Mercuri is committed to delivering high-quality Apprenticeships that exceed the expectations of our Apprentices and Employers. In most cases the Mercuri Apprenticeship LDC team will deliver all parts of the programme, either face to face or virtually, without the use of subcontractors. Mercuri currently deliver apprenticeships in the following areas:

Using subcontractors

Where we need to employ specialist knowledge/skills we will utilise subcontractor provision to support our current provision. The subcontractor third-party will carry out the apprenticeship programme delivery in the following circumstances:

  • Where the use of the third party will enhance the apprentices’ experience through specific expert provision.
  • If it is a contractual requirement with the employer that part of the delivery of the apprenticeship is subcontracted to them.
  • Where Mercuri does not currently have the in-house expertise to deliver an essential part of the apprenticeship.

In all cases, the decision to subcontract will be discussed and agreed with the employer before entering any subcontract arrangement and will be recorded in the Employer Framework Agreement.

Managing the employer relationship

When using subcontractors Mercuri will manage the employer relationship. We have a robust approach to the selection of suitable subcontractors. Any subcontractor must pass a detailed due diligence process which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review of previous Ofsted appraisal, or applicable assurance reports.
  • Review of RoATP.
  • A detailed subcontractor agreement being in place.
  • Agreement that the subcontractor will not subcontract any of Mercuri’s training.
  • Financial health checks.
  • Review of the business’s legal status.
  • Checks for current or past litigation.
  • Checks for compliance with current health & employment immigration and data protection legislation.
  • Review of current safeguarding and welfare prevision.
  • Review of the capacity to deliver training and team competence.
  • Review of required policies/procedures.
  • Checks to ensure that all learners are of aware of (and agree to) being on a Mercuri apprenticeship programme.
  • Checks to ensure that all employers are aware of (and agree to) Mercuri being the training provider.


Mercuri retains clear and transparent accountability for the quality of all its training provision, maintain proper and appropriate controls to manage the apprentices’ experience and seeking to ensure that value for money is achieved by efficient subcontractor management.

In all instances Mercuri will complete quality assurance checks on the subcontractor’s provision.


The written agreement (contract) with the employer, for apprenticeship provision, will list the costs of subcontracting in line with the ESFA’s Apprenticeship Funding Rules, to ensure that all costs are transparent. Mercuri will make a declaration to the ESFA twice a year and declare any subcontractors used.

Rationale for Using Subcontractor Provision

Mercuri International (UK) is committed to delivering high quality apprenticeship training for all our apprentices and their employers.

Mercuri International (UK) is also committed to raising industry standards across of its training provision.

To ensure that we can meet the commitments stated above we offer apprenticeships across a variety of sectors: specialising in (but not limited to) Sales, Leadership and Management from level 3 to level 5.

Acting as the main training provider we deliver all the apprenticeship training but, where specialist skills and knowledge are required, we utilise the services of a subcontractor.

Use of a subcontractor is always at the request of an employer, to support their needs and those of their learners.

Where subcontractor provision is utilised, this is to provide specialist knowledge/skills/assessment that supports Mercuri’s own training provision. Mercuri continues to deliver a substantive percentage of the training programme to all learners and quality checks those aspects delivered by the subcontractor.

Mercuri only enters a subcontracting relationship, for apprenticeship provision, when the subcontractor is eligible to receive apprenticeship funding, as outlined in the ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Rules.

All subcontractors have a contractual relationship with Mercuri and are required to remain compliant with the ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Rules.

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