Making success the norm

2022 continues to offer a wealth of business opportunities for nimble organizations however, there is a challenge. Whatever map you were steering by before is now redundant. Unless you have the latest version it will be very easy to take a wrong turn, wasting time and energy. Right now, the ball is with the candidate not the employer. Finding good people is becoming harder and the fight to win the war for talent, more intense. What was attractive pre-2020 is old news. Organizations must be walking in the candidate’s shoes and seeing their world.

  • What working conditions are you offering?
  • What personal development pathways are open to nurture and retain your workforce?
  • Are your organizational values aligned with societal trends towards workplace equality, diversity and inclusion?
  • Are you facing the dilemma of balancing short term survival with longer term stability and growth?
  • Are your leaders in touch with employee concerns and aspirations?

A number of organizations are in front of, or at least riding, the change curve. They are innovating, evolving, revising and adapting at a pace which matches the speed of the change. We have brought together a group of business innovators to share and answer questions on what practical steps they have already taken to remain on the front foot. Using a workshop format, we’ll dig into the current business challenges and come up with answers, ideas and instant takeaways from implementation. We want as many businesses as possible in the West Midlands to join us and share the insights of our panel.  We’ll be fuelling up with a full English breakfast before the event so come and join us.

Meet our guest speakers

Patrick Joiner, MD of the Institute of Sales Professionals

Patrick Joiner has more than 30 years’ experience working in the sales profession. After more than 10 years in sales and sales management in the publishing and exhibitions sectors, he spent 7 years as Chief Executive of The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. For the last 16 years he has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in sales, sales management, and leadership. He was appointed MD of the Institute of Sales Professionals in September 2021.

Tony Elvin, General Manager at Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull

Tony has a rich and varied business background, spanning hospitality, leisure and now retail, working in and operating health clubs, bars, restaurants, family entertainment centres and hotels. He also runs his own events business, The Wine Events Company, hosting tastings, pop ups, collaborations and dinners across the region.

Sarah Cripps, Founder of Salad Skills

Sarah founded Salad Skills, an apprenticeship recruitment and consultancy business in 2012. During lockdown, when the recruitment side went very quiet, Sarah felt a new sense of balance and was curious to see if other business professionals were experiencing the same. From her research many cited innovation, gratitude, changed habits and balance too. The Big Balance Theory podcast was launched in November 2021 and each month a business professional opens their heart and mind to share their lockdown journey. Each interview offers an inspiring insight into new ways of working and living.

Matt Swarbrick FCMI, Director of Partnerships, CMI

As Director of Partnerships Matt brings a panoramic overview of the contemporary response to the breakneck speed of change in every industry compounded by covid. Matt commented “The leaders of the future are more important than ever. We are moving away from office based jobs with more people working from home, BUT most importantly, a move towards greater inclusion and understanding of diversity within the workplace”.

Michelle Jarvis, Relationship Manager, CMI

Michelle’s experience in building relationships with important organizations has given her a unique insight into the challenges currently being managed by leadership teams across all industry segments. This real-time, frontline position provides perspective with both breadth and depth and will be invaluable to participants at our conference.

Amina Hussain, Founder and Director of SME Outsourcing

Amina Hussain is a multi-award-winning specialist in forensic accounting, taxation, and practice accounting. She is the founder and director of SME Outsourcing, an accountancy firm in Birmingham, and is the first British-Bangladeshi to become the Co President of the Asian Business Chambers of Commerce which is part of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce in 34 years.


Hilton Birmingham Metropole

The NEC Birmingham, Pendigo Way


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