Keeping our sales apprentices and learners safe

Social Distancing and the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship

Mercuri International’s Sales Executive Level 4 qualification was created using a blended learning approach. Of the 162 guided learning hours of the sales apprenticeship programme, less than 35% utilize traditional classroom delivery. To keep our learners safe we have now modified that proportion to 100% virtual delivery whilst remaining compliant with EPAO (End Point Assessment Organization) guidelines.

Most face to face content within the qualification relates to the reinforcement of sales skills and behaviours associated with optimizing client engagement. We already deploy versions of that content designed to support office-based and inside sales professionals which is delivered completely through virtual training platforms. These existing situational adaptations enabled us to make a more general adjustment when the recent crisis disrupted the natural order of things.

Keeping our sales apprentices safe

Virtual Training

We have applied some broad principles to the adaptation of all modules to 100% virtual delivery channels simply by aligning all the programme’s face to face content with existing, virtually delivered material.

Adapting our content

The principles of adapting our Sales Apprenticeship content for virtual learning are:

  • Sessions no longer than 90 minutes and focused on measurable learning outcomes.
  • Taking complex topics and breaking them into a linked series of short modular sessions.
  • Using the appropriate number of trainers, actors and technicians in each session.
  • All sessions completely interactive from start to finish.
  • Using only the most applicable delivery platforms available.
  • Adapting post-training coaching to reinforce the virtual learning skills transfer process.

The modules of the Level 4 sales apprenticeship directly impacted by the changes are;

  • Onboarding – Immediate Impact
  • Customer engagement
  • The Salesperson
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Presenting solutions
  • Handling objections and closing
  • Negotiating
  • Continuous professional development

Case studies, assignment and coaching

Appropriate modifications to case studies, practice sessions, post-training coaching, summative assignments and implementation measurement have been implemented during Spring 2020. The modifications we have made to the Sales Executive Level 4 qualification have evolved and enhanced the content.  

“The most resounding endorsement of our approach has come from the learners themselves. The participation levels are extremely high and feedback, universally positive.”

Barry Hilton, Managing Director, Mercuri International UK

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