A series of covid sales insights to confront the current challenges and find the opportunity

Is there another way to sell?

Starting on December 1st we will be sharing a series of fortnightly sales insights from Mercuri’s Barry Hilton. What are the current challenges facing sales professionals and commercial leaders? The selling space was changing before the pandemic, the pace has massively accelerated as a result of Covid-19. Many organizations were not ready for this. The emergency adoption of technology has been unplanned and poorly executed. Bad habits are forming. The ramp up and ramp down pattern is extremely disruptive. It forces sales leaders to say “Let’s do something, anything, to get started again!”

Feeling challenged and in need of some inspiration? Watch this first video in the series:

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Now Is the Time to Shake Up Your Sales Processes

A crisis like the pandemic makes sales leaders, managers, and salespeople more receptive to change. A crisis can also spark energy, courage, and perseverance as leaders bring people together to address a shared challenge. As implementing change gets easier, the key challenge becomes deciding what to change.