Apprentice Mia shares her learner experience

It’s great to hear about personal achievements, particularly now. Mia Khorasani, a graduate sales apprentice at Emerson Automation Solutions shares her story about using her new skills to change her life.

Practising communication techniques

“During my sales apprenticeship we have practised and focused extensively on effective communication techniques. With the help of my LDC Tom we have explored how to communicate in the most appropriate way using the right tools. This experience has really boosted my confidence, I was able to utilise these new skills for a job interview.”

The art of communication

There are a number of tools to aid effective communication, such as verbal and non verbal. More than half of the impact of communication is non-verbal. In a world where remote working is becoming part of “business as usual” and using remote technology to “meet” people is the new norm, improving our understanding of non-verbal communication is crucial.

Positioning statements

“As part of my interview preparation I thought about positioning statements. I used a variation of my positioning statement when I was asked “Tell us a little about yourself”. Also I considered how we should think about adapting our behaviour to our situation and used the same terminology as the hiring manager.”

Things to consider when thinking about positioning statements

  • Can you explain what your company does and where you add value for customers in a simple and impactful way?
  • Consider how you tailor the message to both customer type and the job role of the individual you are speaking with.
  • Think about what makes the other person interested in the conversation by clarifying and tuning your high level positioning pitch.

New job in the Netherlands!

“I just feel more confident! We have practised our communication styles so much. Even though I haven’t previously been in an inside sales role I felt confident I would be able to do a good job which I think came across during the interview. The best part is that I have been offered this new exciting job in the Netherlands!