Get immersed in the future of sales

At this precise moment in time, as we all long for recovery and positivity, looking a little beyond the immediate horizon can provide inspiration. The sales world was changing dramatically before Covid 19. Since March 2020, the pace of this change has accelerated faster than anyone could have imagined possible. Whether you have one or twenty years of sales experience does not matter anymore. It’s now, anyone’s game.

The Sales Executive Level 4 qualification is designed precisely to lift your horizon. It encourages learners to focus on change, innovation, dropping old habits and learning more effective ways to achieve ever more demanding goals. The Virtual Sales Conference, hosted by Mercuri and running on November 19th, will immerse you in a vision of the sales future which is rapidly becoming reality. This innovative event offers a chance to have your comfort zone stretched whilst acquiring new knowledge skills and perspectives without the inconvenience of international travel to achieve it.

Your 20% off the job hours

Attendance is free, the speaker list is impressive and the activity will count as a contribution to your 20% Off the Job hours for the qualification. It will be possible to dip in and out of the event if you have other commitments on the day. Participation will bring new ideas, perspectives and benefits. Why wouldn’t you want to hear about what the very latest sales innovations look like?

Agenda and Tickets

Speakers include:

Pierluigi Collina, the world’s best football referee. He will talk about the leadership skills required to tackle world stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. What is there to learn from a leadership that bridles these extreme winners?