Exam results, sales careers and choice

Now that the exam results are in, everyone will be thinking about the future and that big step into the world of work. The traditional routes via university are going to be rammed, its all over the news. That space will be very crowded with too many people chasing the same type of future. What’s the alternative?

You don’t know what you don’t know

When you don’t know what you don’t know, its not easy to make the best choice. Some amazing career paths don’t follow the traditional route of school, then university then, hopefully, a job. Take some time out to think about what you really enjoy doing.

  • Meeting new people, talking to them and listening to what they have to say?
  • Solving problems, finding ways to help and being rewarded for your creativity and effort?
  • Setting your own goals, having freedom to think and act on your instincts?
  • Working towards something you really want like financial independence, your own place, enjoying every minute of the working day?
  • Taking pride in being part of a team that can measure its success every moment of the week?

A career in sales?

Is there such a job? Actually, there are thousands. Sales is not about working behind a counter in a store or door-stepping people to buy home improvements they don’t need. Business to business sales is a career which most people fall into accidentally because no one advising them on career paths had any experience of it in the first place. Some stay for a lifetime and achieve success and reward they did not know existed and beyond their imagination.

Are you driven, positive and enjoy achieving?

Do you like people, enjoy solving challenges and appreciate being rewarded for your efforts?

If you’ve never even thought about a career in business to business sales, you could be about to discover your future.

So many choices

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