Build a long term career

Our next Women In Sales webinar, with the APS, on June 10th will explore how to attract, keep and develop women in sales. In this sales insight we consider career retention and the longer-term needs of women in the workplace.

How to keep women in sales

There has never been a better time for women to consider a long-term career in sales. The stars are aligning on several hugely important dimensions:

– Covid 19 and lockdown have completely reset patterns of activity and working hours. Locations from which to sell have changed.

– No longer is it necessary to go to the office, call centre or into customer premises.

– Technology has been embraced as a necessity and like any change, we are all getting used to it!

Professionalizing career paths

Huge emphasis is now being placed on professionalizing career paths through formal qualifications and continuous professional development. Initiatives such as Fundamental British Values and ethical selling practice are slowly but surely eliminating prejudice, bias, discrimination and other less savoury aspects of the commercial process. Enlightened attitudes within employers are responding to the needs of women in the workplace to attract, retain and develop talent.

Gender neutral?

Sales remains a tough and challenging environment and that aspect is 100% gender neutral. The lows can be low but the highs are hugely motivational. On an even playing field, it is statistically proven that women in sales perform above average and the trend toward women in sales leadership roles is positive.

“Inspirational women leaders in sales will further move the cultural needle but that means there needs to be a pipeline of energetic, competent candidates to take up those positions.”

The more empirical proof available to prove than women sales leaders perform the role differently, more compelling the argument to continue in this new direction of travel.

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