The blended learning modules of the Sales Apprenticeship

Mercuri’s Sales Apprenticeship programme is delivered through a combination of blended learning methods that is ideal for remote working. From digital learning experiences and virtual instructor led training to personalized training with certified linstructors.

Flexibility and sales planning

The flexibility of the level 4 sales programme also means that we can prioritize modules that will help to show demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks. For example, the Sales Planning module will enable Sales professionals to: Select the best opportunities; Follow them through to completion in the most effective way and present the most convincing and compelling offer.

Remote learning

There are 162 guided learning hours within the Sales Apprenticeship content, less than 35% utilize traditional classroom delivery methodology. To keep our learners safe we have modified that proportion to 100% virtual delivery whilst remaining compliant with EPAO guidelines. Find out more about keeping our learners safe.

The Sales+ Level 4 Apprenticeship journey will last between 12 – 18 months from the first induction module IMMEDIATE IMPACT to completion. We have adapted all modules to 100% virtual delivery simply by aligning all the programme’s face to face content with existing, virtually delivered material.

Immediate Impact

Immediate Impact is designed to do just that. Learners will develop over 8 Weeks: Increased competence when selling through digital channels. A sharp focus on generating customer facing opportunities and the right type and level of engagement with prospects. Identification of sales challenges and priorities.

Sales planning *

We have prioritized this topic and moved this crucial module to the beginning of the journey. You can be confident that your sales professionals will develop the skills needed to create immediate sales impact. They will explore:

  • Fine tuning the Value message.
  • Prioritizing prospects.
  • Quantifying activity plans.
  • Setting short and medium term performance objectives beyond simple top line revenue.

This is what we are expert in. That’s where we can help you solve the short term expectation of ExCos, Boards and Shareholders. You don’t have to wait 18 months for a certificate. You’ll see demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks. Then, your team can continue their journey toward sales excellence.Have the ability to choose the best opportunities. Following those to completion in the most effective way with the most convincing offer.

Customer Engagement

Develop a structure and compelling techniques for managing the vital first five minutes in relationship building with a new customer.

Vision, Value and Strategy

Understand how businesses operate which provides the insight necessary to make a professional sales approach to customers and prospects.

Customer and market understanding

How to approach market segments with a tailored offer which presents the strongest argumentation for you products and services.

The sales person

Time management and how to make optimum use of available sales time. An in-depth understanding of personal motivating factors and how to maintain focus and positivity. Working style and preferences in a team selling situation.

Understanding customer needs

Maximizing the impact of market intel to enhance your digital marketing activities and gain more leads.

Presenting solutions

The behaviours and techniques which will guarantee professional, compelling and confident sales pitches and presentations.

Understanding customer needs

The core skills around questioning. Listening and summarizing necessary to conduct engaging customer fact finding meetings.

Handling objections and closing

How to empathetically and professional reduce and eliminate customer concerns and resistance in order to complete the sales process and win business.

Financial understanding

The confidence and ability to understand the key financial drivers from both customer and seller perspectives including; top line revenue, margins, profit, discounting and sales costs.

Pro-activity and relationship building

Develop and improve business relationships. Understand decision making processes and engage with stakeholders to strengthen sustainable sales relationships.


Prepare for, structure and execute a professional business negotiation by maximizing the strength of your offer and meeting the other party’s needs.

Continuous Professional Development

Recognising areas to improve personal sales capability and access support to achieve sustainable improvement in performance and confidence.

Your END POINT ASSESSMENT will include:

  • Work based project
  • Presentation including a sales pitch
  • Professional discussion supported by a portfolio of evidence
  • Grading decision

Find out more about Sales Apprenticeships

Call 0330 9000 800 and talk to our Apprenticeship Consultants and find out more about the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship learner journey:

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