Professional Sales

Professional Sales

Receive information about our two day course for people who are either new to sales or have a sales element within their role. Our Professional Sales programme focuses on: Understanding the sales process, Preparation, Presenting the solution, Overcoming objections and Closing the deal.
What makes the best people successful?

What makes the best people successful?

Sales Evaluator - Our online assessment tool will help you evaluate the competence of your sales and customer facing teams to make the biggest impact on your business. Contact us to arrange a demo or watch the Sales Evaluator video.
Plan and implement effective sales strategies

Plan and implement effective sales strategies

Develop a highly effective sales activity management methodology with Mercuri's Sales Leadership Planning training course on July 4th - 5th. This course is for all Sales Directors and Sales Managers who lead and manage a sales team.
Selling At My Best

Selling At My Best

Check out the Virgin Holidays Selling At My Best testimonial video in the "Our Customers" menu. Discover why delegates left the sales training programme feeling really energized. "I was overwhelmed by the delivery. The facilitators had passion and enthusiasm."
Let's Do Business

Let's Do Business

Join us at the Let's Do Business Expo on 29th June at Uttoxeter Racecourse in Staffordshire. Find out more about how we can help you with sales strategy implementation and talent development programmes such as Consultative Selling, Pipeline Planning & Sales Leadership.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level


Hear What Our Customers Say

Enhancing Sales with our Clients

Virgin Holidays - Selling At My Best

Watch the Virgin Holidays Selling At My Best video and find out why delegates left the sales training feeling really energized.  

Find out more: To find out more about the Virgin Holidays Selling at my Best sales programme please call us on +44 (0) 330 9000 800 or email

BioMérieux Group

"We have chosen Mercuri International for their very pragmatic and efficient training programmes, their ability to deliver the contents in the 39 countries where we are present – and to adapt the contents to the local culture when needed - and the excellent support and coordination made by their International Project Leader. When delivering the same contents in 39 countries, good project management, transparent communication, flexibility and commitment are qualities that we highly appreciate from Mercuri International. The training plan that we are currently implementing in China is a perfect example of how Mercuri demonstrated those high skills that we demand from a training partner.”

Winfried Windegger, Director of Global Sales Capabilities

Hewlett Packard

"Thousands of HP sales people and sales managers have  been developed across the world in common methodologies and skills using Mercuri International local expertise and coordinated through Global Project Management."


"Our Academy, powered by Mercuri, is adding real value to customer engagement processes."


"Our Raising the Bar programme, developed in conjunction with Mercuri, has made a fundamental difference to our business. It has significantly increased our pitching effectiveness." 

Sew Eurodrive

"Working with Mercuri has helped our sales team understand and develop a consistent Sales Process capable of delivering great results."


“The corridors at the Mövenpick Business Academy are still buzzing with excitement from those that attended the Business Strategy and Innovation programmes – Stay ahead in a changing world -  Thank you Mercuri and GrowMe


"The Mercuri model is now used as a business planning template and the sales management process is adopted by all regional managers."


Maersk Line take first place in part for its in-house learning model, the CARE PROGRAM, developed in partnership with Mercuri International


"Better Business Results - Higher Motivation - People Quality" Watch the video Outcomes for the Business with Hajo Rapp from Siemens.


Working with the Healthcare sector

Increasing clinical trials

A global biosciences company asked us to assist with the roll-out of a project to increase:

  • The number of clinical trials their products are used for.
  • Sales of their products.
  • The number of development projects they are involved in.

Our approach to the project included the analysis of new business acquisition and customer retention processes across Europe and North America, the development of a robust toolkit to improve these processes and the development of supporting sales and sales management skills. The key outcomes achieved from the project were the sales team focussing on ‘doing the right things’, the sales managers effectively coaching in the improved processes and also ensuring that the relevant sales management measures are place. 

Skills development to sell value

A medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.  The challenge was to move the sales people from a feature/benefit sell to a value added approach. We worked with them to address this challenge, designing and implementing a project that encompassed the transfer of effective Mercuri models and methodologies supported by situational coaching and implementation workshops. The results were impressive with an additional £1.4m sale growth and an improvement in profit of £700k. These results were directly attributable by the client to the value selling training. 

Sales Efficiency

We worked with one of the leading companies in the hospital field, selling products in Renal, Bioscience, Medication deliveries. The project covered 3 countries. The base for this project is evaluating the current sales processes and analysing the customer portfolio and Sales Reps Management to increase sales efficiency.


Hear What Our Customers Say