Essential Selling Skills

Essential Selling Skills

Mercuri's Essential Selling Skills two day training programme on May 9th-10th is ideal for product specialists, graduates and customer service teams as well as people in their first sales role. We use group tasks to make the learning experience engaging and effective
What makes the best people successful?

What makes the best people successful?

Sales Evaluator - Our online assessment and benchmarking tool will help you evaluate and improve competence to make the biggest impact on your business. Contact us to arrange a demo
Professional Negotiating Skills

Professional Negotiating Skills

Develop a clearly defined and efficient approach to negotiation with Mercuri's Professional Negotiating Skills training on June 27th-28th 2017. This public course is for people in a sales, management or buying role who are directly involved in negotiations.
Selling At My Best

Selling At My Best

Check out the Virgin Holidays Selling At My Best testimonial video in the "Our Customers" menu. Discover why delegates left the sales training programme feeling really energized.
Delivering Business Results Through Performance Management

Delivering Business Results Through Performance Management

Our two day Performance Management course on April 25-26 2017 is for managers who achieve their objectives through their team. Align capability and activity to business objectives.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level


Why don't you evaluate competence?

The new Sales Evaluator from Mercuri UK fills gap in L&D market

Mercuri’s new online competence assessment and benchmarking tool, Sales Evaluator,  enables you to measure the effectiveness of your sales and customer facing teams in terms of their skills, knowledge and attitude, utilising a comprehensive library of over 100 competences.

Competence is the sum total of skills, knowledge and attitude - Sales Evaluator measures the effectiveness of people’s skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Sales Evaluator will help Sales Leaders and L&D Managers answer the following questions:

  • How well is my sales team performing?
  • Why do my best performers regularly achieve target?
  • How well equipped is my sales team to be able to cope with the challenge of increased prices?
  • How can I demonstrate that my sales team has the capability to sell?
  • How can I be certain that my sales force needs the training you are planning?
  • What process do I go through to create that certainty?

Evaluating Competence process

The evaluation process enables online self-assessment, manager assessment, with optional third party input, to create a detailed capability profile. This is followed by a facilitated validation meeting to discuss variations between the scores and reach an agreed finalised assessment. 

Sales Evaluator provides a mechanism for defining the competences required in order to be a highly effective sales team. From this you can assess your team against this benchmark. It also helps the L&D team to create the infrastructure to deliver a series of training, coaching and learning interventions.

Business benefits of Sales Evaluator

  • Benchmark current performance against world-class performance
  • Measure the effectiveness of your sales and customer facing teams
  • Identify the gap between best practice and your current performance
  • Increase the return on investment
  • Make your training budget go further
  • Generate a focussed plan for improvement
  • Validate by providing a 360–degree perspective
  • Discover potential financial improvements

For information on Sales Evaluator and how it could be the starting point for your sales and business improvement journey.





Why don't you evaluate competence?