Do you know...

Do you know...

How closely aligned are your people's competences with the activities they need to do day to day? What makes your best people so successful? Can your sales team effectively implement your sales strategy? Evaluating competence will help you answer these questions - Sales Evaluator.
Plan and implement effective sales strategies in 2018

Plan and implement effective sales strategies in 2018

Develop an effective sales activity management methodology with Mercuri's Sales Leadership Planning training course on February 6th -7th. This course is for all Sales Directors and Sales Managers who lead and manage a sales team.
Sales Development Programme of the Year!

Sales Development Programme of the Year!

Great result for the Virgin Holidays "Selling At My Best" programme at the 2017 British Excellence Sales Management Awards. Discover why delegates left this tailored in-house programme feeling so energized.
Simply outstanding customer service by Electrolux

Simply outstanding customer service by Electrolux

Teams excited and engaged about Customer Service at the Electrolux Academy. Mercuri work with Electrolux on a programme designed to grow their new team members, retain and develop their talented sales and service teams.
Social Selling as part of your Sales Strategy

Social Selling as part of your Sales Strategy

Talk to us about Social Selling in the Sales Process. From new customer acquisition to Key Account Management, find out where social selling makes sense and how to improve your social selling success.
Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Develop a highly effective, successful and professional approach to selling that engages and motivates the customer to buy. Join our Consultative Selling open course on February 20th - February 22nd 2018 at London Heathrow Crowne Plaza.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level

  • BioMérieux Group

  • Winfried Windegger
  • Director of Global Sales Capabilities
  • We have chosen Mercuri International for their very pragmatic and efficient training programmes, their ability to deliver the contents in the 39 countries where we are present – and to adapt the contents to the local culture when needed - and the excellent support and coordination made by their International Project Leader. When delivering the same contents in 39 countries, good project management, transparent communication, flexibility and commitment are qualities that we highly appreciate from Mercuri International. The training plan that we are currently implementing in China is a perfect example of how Mercuri demonstrated those high skills that we demand from a training partner.”

  • IT and Telecoms

  • General Manager
  • Hewlett Packard
  • We found that we could identify and manage the highly critical sucess factors in a knowledge company and actually quantify the results of our decisions. Celemi Tango is a great learning laboratory that had a very positive impact on our business management.

  • CELEMI Performance™

  • Business Unit Manager
  • Software Manufacturing Company
  • The participants on my team greatly improved their knowledge around the main issues that infuences a business. We used the Performance program as a  platform to discuss our company’s new strategy – what we need to reconsider in our company, such as our product - and service offering and market presence - and why

  • Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Nohau
  • “The message is clear and to the point – if we do not sell what the customers want, we are out of the game…Nothing is constant in the world around us. We need to review our strategy frequently, and keep finding new ways of making money.”

  • Manufacturng, Engineering and Construction

  • Personnel Manager
  • Volvo Bus Corporation
  • Apples & Oranges surpassed our expectations by a wide margin. [It] not only gives us a foundation to build on - it also creates enthusiasm and gets people involved. These are essential components for us as we launch our development program

  • Financial and Professional Services

  • Internal Consultant
  • Principle Finance Group
  • Everyone is thinking like business owners. That means future decisions will be made based on sound business thinking, which should improve the financial picture much quicker.

  • Healthcare and Pharamaceutical Industry

  • Personnel Manager
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • In one of our factories we came up with £1 million worth of potential improvements as a direct result of the Celemi business simulation

  • Renishaw plc

  • Kevin Gani
  • Director of Sales and Development
  • Mercuri International are supporting a number of development programmes across our business internationally.  To help Renishaw in increasing our sales effectiveness in some specific product lines I selected the O2O programme from Mercuri with a view to increasing our confidence and capability to sell in complex situations.  The consultants delivering the programme are extremely competent with the simulation and have the experience to bring theory to life with real examples of sales situations.  This is critical to ensure engagement within our sales teams and to have the confidence to be more selective, ask the right questions and determine the correct course of action.  Ultimately sales people want to be successful and the O2O programme has contributed to how we will sell our solutions

  • Financial and Professional Services

  • Head of Sales
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Mercuri International have made a significant contribution to our sales management, our sales skills and our sales processes.  Their innovation, industry understanding and delivery have helped us build the sales culture across the wide range of businesses that make up Lloyds TSB Corporate


  • Sightsavers

  • Elissa Pette
  • Human Resource Director
  • Whilst we have a performance review process, the limitation for line managers was in trying to compare skill sets of developing managers and then set a development plan that was still focused on the individual as well as creating a cost effective approach to the training strategy being able to assess and benchmark competencies standardised this process,. By identifying the competencies that matter most to us as an organisation and rating developing managers against these, provided the framework of where the training investment needed to happen to close the skills gap assessing and benchmarking both at the beginning and end of the modular programme demonstrated the ROI as the uplift in skills, knowledge for each identified competency point could be clearly evidenced.

  • Carefusion

  • Ian Bell
  • Training and Education Director
  • The Online Competency Benchmark Tool that we have instigated in partnership will allow me as a new Training and Education Director to understand the needs of our sales organisation through their own eyes and those of their managers what it will give me is the ability to focus the resource at the right area to make the biggest impact. It also gives me the ability to measure the sales teams on an annual or biannual basis. It’s a fantastic tool and working with Mercuri gives me a confidence in the end result.

  • Global Top 20 Bank

  • Head of Private Banking
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Our challenge was to raise the bar of both our newest and most seasoned relationship managers. Mercuri International invested time to tailor and expertly deliver a course for our unique needs and context. It not only pushed the limits of our most experienced/cynical managers, but continues to deliver top and bottom line benefit to the business.

  • ERH Group

  • Dave Jones
  • Group Managing Director
  • Having completed the strategy development it became increasingly important that we identified Competency, Skills and Attitudes to delivering “our future". Competence assessment helped to get buy to the development plan but, more importantly, the ownership.  This also made really sensitive change management possible, leading to succession planning and the development of our training strategy and a clear set of key performance indicators for the future.