Do you know...

Do you know...

How closely aligned are your people's competences with the activities they need to do day to day? What makes your best people so successful? Can your sales team effectively implement your sales strategy? Evaluating competence will help you answer these questions - Sales Evaluator.
Plan and implement effective sales strategies in 2018

Plan and implement effective sales strategies in 2018

Develop an effective sales activity management methodology with Mercuri's Sales Leadership Planning training course on February 6th -7th. This course is for all Sales Directors and Sales Managers who lead and manage a sales team.
Sales Development Programme of the Year!

Sales Development Programme of the Year!

Great result for the Virgin Holidays "Selling At My Best" programme at the 2017 British Excellence Sales Management Awards. Discover why delegates left this tailored in-house programme feeling so energized.
Simply outstanding customer service by Electrolux

Simply outstanding customer service by Electrolux

Teams excited and engaged about Customer Service at the Electrolux Academy. Mercuri work with Electrolux on a programme designed to grow their new team members, retain and develop their talented sales and service teams.
Social Selling as part of your Sales Strategy

Social Selling as part of your Sales Strategy

Talk to us about Social Selling in the Sales Process. From new customer acquisition to Key Account Management, find out where social selling makes sense and how to improve your social selling success.
Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Develop a highly effective, successful and professional approach to selling that engages and motivates the customer to buy. Join our Consultative Selling open course on February 20th - February 22nd 2018 at London Heathrow Crowne Plaza.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level


Are you serious about KAM in 2018?

Key Account Management

Managing the customer project: Core tasks

There is a high degree of overlap between the expertise and skills required in sales and account management yet with account management, the emphasis is more on being the manager of the ‘customer’ project. Listed below are the range of activities undertaken by a Key Account Manager:

Between the Key Account Manager and the account: Managing relationships and identifying opportunities

  • Relationship management, especially at a decision making level.
  • Knowledge about the customer’s market and sector.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Escalation management.

Between the Key Account Manager and their own organization: Pooling resources for the customer

  • Create transparency in relation to the account.
  • Represent requirements.
  • Coordinate resources.
  • Manage account team(s).
  • Ensure account development.

The internal ‘impact’ is a new and particularly important dimension of a Key Account Manager’s activities. This aspect is often underestimated. Managing virtual) cross-functional teams without a supervisory function requires special skills which are generally not taught as part of a ‘classic’ career in sales.

What should you consider when developing your Key Account Managers?

Being a Key Account Manager involves managing complex internal issues as well as developing customer relationships on a medium to long-term basis. Your Key Account Managers might be good sales people but lack a few important skills in relation to understanding the added value for the customer and managing a team.  Have you critically assessed the competences of your Key Account Managers? We have identified four training modules for effective training of Key Account Managers:

  1. Organizing relationship management and identifying opportunities
  2. Transforming opportunities into contracts
  3. Presenting financial added value
  4. Managing cross-functional teams


  • Please call +44 (0) 330 9000 800 or email us to receive details on the four identified training modules for Account Managers and the whitepaper on Key Account Management: Underestimated areas of competence.
  • Find out about our next scheduled Key Account Management course at London Heathrow Crowne Plaza.